Working Process Of SMC Moulding Press

SMC Press Moulding is an industrial process that makes use of composite raw materials to create an end product using a moulding press. There are a variety of techniques used to make composite components. 

SMC Press Moulding makes use of heat and the use of pressure to make solid, repeatable components with extremely short cycle times. You can also browse online resources or online websites to find more information about the Composite Press.

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The process involves a huge open moulding press. That has a detachable male and female tool milled out of P-20 grade solid steel.

The combination of heat and pressure permits for the SMC material to move into the cavity of the tool and form the shape of the part. The moulding process usually gets complete between 2 to 7 minutes. The press then opens and the completed part is removed either by hand or using a robot.

In the case of a composite design. The part might require de-flashing by cutting the excess material away from the edges of the piece or it could require specialized cutting. Parts can be transferred robotically to CNC trimming centers where a computer program is used to precisely cut features out of the component.

The SMC Moulding Press and Hydraulic SMC Moulding Press are highly efficient, durable and are available in different capacities as per needs. You can give it a try if your business deals in this industry.