Win DUI Case With Efficient DUI Lawyer

A DUI(Driving under the influence) lawyer is a criminal defense attorney with a specialization in handling DUI/DWI cases. Often, a majority of a public defender's caseload involves DUI cases. A DUI lawyer is an expert in the specific DUI laws about the state in which he practices.

The exact nature of criminal charges related to drunk driving depends on several factors, including the defendant's prior convictions, the severity of the offense, the level of intoxication, and whether the offense caused injury or death. You can also get more information about DUI charges in Los Angeles County online. 

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How can a DUI lawyer help me win the case?

An experienced DUI defense lawyer can help you win the case. They are always on the lookout for how to help win their client's case. The following are some of the things which DUI lawyers will be looking at when reviewing your case.

1. Did the police officer have a valid reason to stop your vehicle?

2. Did he properly carry out a field sobriety test?

3. Did the preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) test was carried out properly by the officer?

Your DUI lawyer will be able to bring out as many defensive points as possible to help you win the case and you need not worry too much while having an efficient DUI defense lawyer by your side.