Why Tree and Shrub Fertilization Important For Trees Health

 If you want trees and shrubs to grow quickly, they need to be established as soon as possible. Preparing the ground properly, preventing competition from other plants, and maintaining a healthy new specimen are the keys to success.

The larger the specimen, generally speaking, the more difficult it will be for you to successfully plant it. Although container-grown deciduous plants are able to be planted at any time, they will be more successful if they're planted in spring and autumn, when the soil is warm and moist. Root feeding fertilization encourages root growth and establishment.

tree and shrub fertilization

However, bare root specimens must be planted in the dormant period, which falls between autumn and spring. Conifers and evergreens are best planted in the late spring to allow them time to establish before winter sets in. 

Make sure the plant is well watered before you begin. Give it a good soak, at least one hour, before you plant. This will ensure that the root ball remains moist and is able to absorb water. Fork the soil over if it has not been prepared recently.

Fork the slow-release fertilizer into the soil. Rubber or vinyl gloves are recommended for applying bone meal fertilizer. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. The plant should be placed in the hole with its pot still inside. The hole's depth should be adjusted accordingly. Take the plant out of its pot.

At last, carefully analyzing and fertilizing of crops enables a chain that provides humans with nutritional food: The nutrients feed the soil. The soil feeds the plant which is beneficial for its growth.