Why Choose Laminate Flooring Instead Of Hardwoods

Consumers find that installing laminate flooring in their homes offers many advantages over more traditional hardwood floors. For starters, laminate floors are made up of three to seven layers of material, which makes them extremely durable. One layer of laminate flooring controls the appearance of the floor. It is made with the help of photographic images that make the floor look like real hardwood with color, grain, and even knots.

One of the most attractive aspects of laminate flooring is that it can be borrowed about twenty-five percent less expensive than comparable hardwoods. For you as a consumer, this means you can give your home the look you want without the high costs.

Mannington Restoration Collection 8'' x 51'' x 12mm Laminate Flooring in Brushed Gray

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Laminate floors are glue-free and made in a sanded design. Therefore, they are much easier to install than hardwood floors and save the cost of a professional installer. Laminate floors are known as floating floors for this reason. Without having to use nails or glue to lay your floors, this is a simple task that you can do yourself and that you can do quickly. 

You will love the durability of the laminate floor. It is about fifteen times stronger than the finest natural hardwood floors. Due to their strength, laminate floors are much harder to damage and withstand heavy traffic much better than solid wood. 

Many laminate flooring products have a ten or fifteen-year guarantee that is significantly longer than the warranty offered for hardwoods. This shows that the laminate manufacturer has more confidence in the durability of their products, and so do you. This is good because, like hardwoods, laminate cannot be sanded and reworked to renew its beauty.