What To Know About Handmade Beaded Jewellery?

Walking through one of Nairobi’s shopping malls, my eyes were caught by the vivid colors of bead jewelry in 1 shop. I needed to look! The title of this store was Kazuri and there started my schooling about among the best community jobs Kenya has ever seen.

I learned the diamonds were all handmade by girls based at a factory in the suburb of Karen. So that was my second stop. The mill began in 1975 as a small workshop in which girls experimented with creating ceramic beads. At first, the project was created as an income generation project for unmarried moms. You can also check the African bead jewellery collection online via https://glassadornments.com/collections/all-ghanaian-jewlery.

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It continues today to become a source of revenue for a few 340 girls but today has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. Having mastered the ceramic beads they create them from getting the clay, processing and trapping the clay, crafting the beads, drying, painting and glazing the beads, shooting the beads at a kiln, sorting and preserving the beads, and ultimately stringing them to create bracelets and bracelets all inside the mill in Karen.

Utilizing the term mill conjures images of a massive manufacturing procedure, but actually, it’s still small and romantic despite generating more than 5 million diamonds per year.

“Kazuri” is a Kiswahili word meaning”small and beautiful” which aptly describes the ceramic beads created. The vibrant colors give the Kazuri brand a different appearance and the ceramic beads are somewhat distinctive in the jewelry market.

The assignment of Kazuri is”to supply and preserve employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of society” In addition to using unmarried mothers, Kazuri includes a practice that offers free healthcare for workers and their families.

Along with the massive shop on the website sells a whole lot more than just jewelry – design crockery, leatherwork, handbags, and artwork are also offered.