What Is Dry Needling Therapy In Edmonton And How Does It Work?

Dry needling therapy is a painless, quick procedure that involves using a thin needle to puncture the skin and break up scar tissue (also called adhesions) that had formed around nerve endings. In this blog article, you will read about how dry needling therapy works, how it might help alleviate certain conditions,.

What does dry needling therapy do?

Dry needling therapy is a type of treatment in which a practitioner uses a small, thin needle to break up scar tissue using controlled, repetitive thrusts. The practitioner does not actually inject anything with the needle, but instead removes or pushes on the damaged tissue. This causes slight pain and local inflammation that triggers the body's natural healing process. If you’re looking for getting dry needling in Edmonton then visit https://www.physio.family/dry-needling/.

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Dry needling therapy technique

Dry needling therapy is a technique in which a practitioner inserts thin needles into the body to stimulate trigger points, or areas of pain that can sometimes radiate to other areas. This technique has been used since 2001 to treat pain in the muscles and joints of people of all ages. The idea behind using dry needling therapy is that it relieves pain by making muscles relax and allowing blood flow to improve.

Dry needling therapy is a technique for the relief of localized pain and dysfunction. It has been used in acupuncture practices for years, where small needles are inserted into specific points on the body to relieve pain, stimulate circulation, and release tension.

Dry needling therapy works by stimulating specific points in the body called trigger points. These are referred to as "knots" because they're made up of compressed and folded muscle tissue. These can cause pain in a specific area, but dry needling can reduce it. Dry needling therapy is used for many things including headaches, back pain, and other injuries that persist despite medication or physical therapy treatments.