What are Motion Graphics

According to Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will come from video by 2022. Many of these videos will be content marketing videos. They are designed to engage audiences and inspire them to take action, buy, or view a new concept. Many of these videos will also be motion graphics videos.

Why are "motion graphics" and "video" sometimes used interchangeably? How can you decide which type of video or motion graphic is best for you? How can you make a motion graphic video that engages your audience and helps you achieve your goals? We understand that you have many questions.

Let's get to the point. This guide will help you understand and learn motion graphics, whether you are a marketer or a C-suite executive, or a brand manager.

Motion graphics are animated graphic designs. These are digital footage or animations that create the illusion of motion. They are often combined with audio to create multimedia projects. Want to animate characters to bring a children’s fairy tale to life like Disney does? That’s actually not motion graphics. It’s a completely different type of animation.

Motion graphic videos can be used to engage people in many content types, but they are best suited for helping brands tell their stories. These are some of the qualities that make motion graphics videos great for brand building and storytelling.

A. Motion graphic videos are used to establish a point and drive action.

Motion graphics videos typically have animated text. You can add voiceovers and mood-setting music to your video. These videos appeal to emotions and needs, which allows them to effectively emphasize a point or drive action. 

B. Motion graphics make it easier for content to be understood:

Motion graphic videos allow us to easily understand any situation, whether it is through graphs, bar charts, timelines, or abstract, intangible concepts. Many explainer videos end up being motion graphics videos. 

C. Motion graphics videos are very easy to view.

Many motion graphics videos are very short. So viewers can just sit back, relax and watch a motion graphic or an animated video to learn or understand something in a short amount of time.