Tips For Getting Cash For Your Junk Car

First, call local auto salvage companies. Ask them what they will pay for junk cars. Most scrap metal is sold by the pound. A sticker on the driver’s door of most cars tells you the vehicle’s weight. This sticker can be used to estimate how much you’ll get for your junk vehicle.

Ask the salvage yard what information they need to buy junk cars for cash instantly. Most places require that the tires and wheels be removed before they will accept them. 

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Sometimes they will require that you also remove the gas tanks. They will accept them even if you have removed your tires and wheels, but they will charge less for your vehicle.

It is important to determine if they will pick it up or if the vehicle must be brought in. They may offer to pick up your car depending on where you live, but they will usually pay more if your junk car is brought to them. 

If the vehicle is not in good condition, you should have it tow. You don’t want to be ticketed if you have to tow your junk vehicle.

Before you decide to do anything, it is a good idea to call multiple salvage yards to get prices before you make any commitment. 

The yard that offers the highest price for your vehicle is the one you want to sell it to. Remember that scrap metal prices fluctuate. It could sell high today, but be significantly lower tomorrow.