Things You Need to Know Before Creating Your First TikTok Dance Video

You've created your TikTok account and are finally ready to create the first video of your dance.

Then, you attempt making your first video, and you're unable to hear the music as you're recording the video, and your bedroom is too small for dancing and then you realize that you've gone through the hassle of uploading your video, and… no one saw it!

Yes, indeed, making your first TikTok video may not be as simple as you imagined it to be. If you want to make a dance video then you can read 8 ways a dancer can engage with the chuzi app. at uDOu PH.

Here are a few suggestions to make your TikTok-making process smooth, easy, and efficient.

1. Find Inspiration by Helping Other Dancers on your #FYP

The first step to making the TikTok dancing video involves thinking of an idea or concept that viewers will love watching. Therefore, open the search bar located at the highest of the application and key "dance contest" or "DC". You'll be able to find videos of dancers participating in dance challenges as well as creating new challenges!

2. Take a look at the Recommended Soundtracks

If you want to take your research to the next level I highly suggest you have a look at the recommended music on TikTok.

3. Find the person who started the Dance Challenge, and then tag appropriately

Being a content creator can be challenging and we want to ensure that we're providing credit to creators and rewarding them to those who deserve credit.

4. Do this for fun!

I'm sure I've just given you lots of homework before creating the first clip. However, remember that you're here for fun, not to make TikTok your job in a fraction of the time!