Things You Need To Know About Engine Coolant Heater

A block heater for your engine can ensure that your car starts on any Canadian winter day. If you live in colder climates, a block heater can prolong the life of your car's engine. You can also search online to book webasto coolant heater installation & service in Calgary via WTM.

Coolant Heaters

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What does an engine block heater do?

Block heaters keep your car's engine warm even when you aren't driving it. The heater heats your engine block and internal fluids, such as oil or coolant, once it is plugged into a 110-volt outlet.

Engine fluids can become sticky and viscous in cold temperatures, making it harder to start a car. Extreme temperatures can cause your engine to not start. It is important to warm the engine before you turn the ignition. This will prevent any wear on the vehicle. You also get hot air through the vents faster to heat you.

Different types of engine block heaters

Canada has a lot of vehicles that come standard with a block heater. You can also purchase after-market models that you can either install yourself or hire a professional. These are some of the most popular engine block heaters:

  • Engine warming blanket: This device attaches to the car's hood and drapes over it. It acts in the same way as an electric blanket for your engine.

  • Oil pan heater: Attached to the outside using bolts or magnets, this device will heat the engine oil.