The Complete Guide of Compression Molding

Compression molding is a versatile industrial process that can be used by small and large-scale companies. This is a manufacturing process that involves pre-heating molding materials, which in turn are compressed and shaped using dual heating molds. You can know more about compression molding presses online.

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What is the process?

This is the step-by-step procedure of the compression mold process.

  • Making molds- Tooling is possible in many ways, including 3D printing, die casting, and machining.
  • Set up the machines- It all depends on what machine or device you use, such as increasing heat, cleaning the mold, or other set-up procedures
  • Preparation of the charge– The type of material to be used will play a major role in determining the charge. The excessive charge can cause flashes in the mold, which can be caused by too much charge.
  • Inserting the charge- Placing the charge at the center of the mold
  • Compress the part-Close the top of your mold and apply pressure to the mold. Wait for the piece of the part to form. Many manufacturers use heat in the compression process. This not only softens the raw materials but also increases productivity.
  • Release of the part- This final step involves the removal of the finished piece.