Accessories For In-Ground Pool Covers – Which Ones You Need

Maintaining your swimming pool is not an easy task. However, it can become easier and even cost-effective if you use an in-ground pool cover. Such a blanket will protect your water from debris. It protects the sides of the tank from being damaged by the elements. In turn, the cleaning will be less time consuming and less expensive. The cover also ensures the safety of children and pets playing by the pool. In order to use in-ground pool covers more effectively, owners should consider getting some essential accessories for these.

You should consider getting a retractable swimming pool enclosure. You can use it to roll the blanket on it, so that you do not have to fold it and store it elsewhere. More importantly, the reel provides for easy installation of the cover over the pool. The removal of the blanket is equally easy. This saves a lot of effort and time. The reel allows only one person to do the installation and this brings extra convenience to all owners. 

There are different types of reels for in-ground pool covers that you can choose from. The standard models are operated manually. You just have to turn the crank in different directions to roll and unroll the cover. This, of course, requires some effort, but generally the task is not hard. Alternatively, you can opt for a model with automatic retraction. This saves time and effort when you unroll the cover. The third option – a fully automated reel, offers the most convenience of all. It operates on electricity and rolls and unrolls the cover with the push of a button. As you can expect the semi and fully automated models are more expensive.

Another factor that you have to consider when choosing between the different reels is whether you want to fixed or a mobile one. Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to take into account the size of your swimming pool area as well as which model will be more convenient for you. You have to consider factor such as stability and storing as well.