French Steel Doors: The Coolest Traditional Home Design Trend

While traditional French home designs may not be for everyone, you might want to consider incorporating some of their popular features into your own home. One of these is the use of steel doors – these are typically designed to be as sleek and modern as possible, while still maintaining the traditional French look. If you're interested in purchasing French steel doors for your home, be sure to check out Unique Wrought Iron.

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Why are French steel doors popular?

French steel doors are popular because they're beautiful and functional. They're often used as entranceways or exterior windows, and their polished finish makes them look elegant and modern. They also provide privacy and security, as they're tough enough to withstand weather conditions and vandalism.

    The Different Types of French Steel Doors

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are the most common type of French steel door. They typically have a sliding track that runs along the length of the door and is operated by a handle or a motor. This type of door is perfect for large rooms or areas that need extra space flexibility.

Double Doors: Double doors are also popular with French steel doors. They feature two panels that open independently from each other, so they can be used as separate entrances or as one large door. This type of door is perfect for families who need more privacy.

Window Doors: Window doors are similar to double doors but they feature one panel that opens into the room and one panel that opens out onto the balcony or patio. This type of door is perfect for small spaces or if you want an open feeling in your room.

     The Advantages of French Steel Doors

They’re extremely durable: French steel doors are built to last and can handle a lot of abuse.

They’re resistant to weather conditions: French steel doors can stand up to all sorts of weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow.

They’re easy to clean: French steel doors are very easy to clean and maintenance-free.