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Whether you are naturally pessimistic or just facing an uncertain future due to the current economic climate, it is worth developing the skill of challenging your negative beliefs. People often wonder how I can be so upbeat 99% of the time.

Despite appearances, there are many moments when it is not easy – because it makes a difference to my life and my business I choose to work at it! Your mind has 50,000 thoughts a day. Choose your thoughts wisely: you are creating your life and your business with your thoughts!

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Here are three tools I use for myself and with my small business coaching clients. If you would like to see past the misery of the moment (or the hours or days) then take a few minutes to change your perception and alter your mindset!

1. Ask The Right Questions…

Now, this is important – there's no point asking 'Why me' or some variation thereof! Those types of 'victim' questions will not move you forward. And there's no point feeling bad because of something you can't change – that's wasting your energy! Consider using questions like:

Is this thought really true? Is this happening to everyone in my industry or only me? What is it about this situation that is within my power to change? If I change my perspective will it help me find a solution or a breakthrough? How can I see this differently?

2. Take Inspired Action…

If you are in a black spot (or heading towards a red one!) think about 3 positive actions you could take which will help you feel like you are making progress towards your most important challenge. Then take action!