Reasons To Believe That Massage Therapy Is Postoperative Care In Edmonton

Massage therapy is a safer, holistic treatment model for pain relief. It can heal a variety of pains, but its science-backed effect on the body after an operation is phenomenal. Compared to dangerous opioids, massage therapy is much safer and more effective. 

If you recently had surgery and want to get back in shape, consult a reputable physical therapist for excellent massage therapy in Edmonton.

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How does massage therapy help after surgery?

To help recover from scar tissue

Invasive operations include multiple skin incisions. If the deep, thick layer of skin, the dermis, is damaged or irritated, scar tissues form. While recovering after surgery, the body releases collagen fiber in the form of scar tissue that helps repair incision sites. 

At this time, massage therapy is important as it helps put pressure on the scar tissues, allowing the muscles to loosen, which reduces swelling and pain around the area.

To reduce pain

If your pain lasts more than 3 to 6 months after an operation, it is considered acute pain. This type of pain occurs due to the uncontrolled formation of metabolic waste that surrounds an incision. 

Patients sometimes take opioids to deal with extreme pain, but one in ten patients develops an opioid disorder due to overuse. To avoid such danger, massage therapy is the best option. It is the best pain reliever ever known.