Precautions and Tips Professionals Take During Asbestos Removal

 removal in Newcastle asbestos

No one buys home to encounter health issues and problems. So, if you find asbestos on your property, taking steps for safety is essential. You should hire professionals to remove the dangerous fibrous material. But before you engage in any such service, here are certain tips and precautions you need to be careful of.

Safety Tips

Asbestos has been in use till the ‘80s. Although asbestos-free construction material followed, living in older buildings is still a risk. Thus, inspection and removal service providers readily participate in getting rid of this material from unsuspected places such as drywall, pipe insulation, etc.

While there are different asbestos types, you should keep the following tips in mind.

  • Wear a respirator
  • Ensure the samples are taken and placed in a sealed container for transfer
  • Wear protective clothes
  • Arrange for area containment where asbestos is present

As asbestos removal in Newcastle by yourself could be risky, hiring a trained professional is always recommended.

Safety Precautions

And here are some safety precautions professionals use to avoid and minimize health impacts

  • To protect airborne spores from reaching other rooms, professionals hang plastic sheeting to seal the affected area. Also, they wear protective gear and clothing.
  • Experts use hand tools and HEPA vacuum to remove asbestos.
  • A warning sign label is put to keep people other than professionals removers away from the particular area till the procedure is complete.
  • After removal, they clean the area
  • Thorough wetting prevents asbestos fibre release.
  • In the end, they pack the removed material in a plastic bag of heavy-duty with proper labeling and a secured seal.