Pink Himalayan Salt Uses You Have Never Heard Of

Himalayan pink Himalayan salt is rock crystallized salt from the Himalayan region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The salt typically has a bright pink color due to mineral salts. It's also been used as an industrial byproduct as industrial table salt, food additive, and decorative lamp shade.

As with most crystals, the rock crystallized salt begins as calcium carbonate that crystallizes in water. Water serves two purposes here. First, it contains dissolved trace amounts of calcium carbonate, which makes it alkaline to the human body, but it also contains sodium chloride, making it acidic.

Pink salt can be found almost everywhere in nature, including brine from rivers and streams, as well as some forms of sea salt. However, most people prefer to use pink Himalayan salt, because it is not only more affordable than regular rock salt, but it is also more easily accessible because pink Himalayan salt can be purchased in the form of powder, granules, or blocks.

There are several benefits to using pink Himalayan salt as well. Here is a brief list of the benefits:

* It is very easy on the teeth and gums, which is why many people use pink salt when brushing their teeth. Himalayan pink salt works as both a scrubbing agent and a deodorizer. In this way, it is able to clean your mouth without drying it out, which many people find uncomfortable after long periods of time of use.

* Pink salt can be used to add a gorgeous shine to kitchen counter tops or tableware. Because it has a beautiful blue-green color, it is able to blend beautifully with other colors in the kitchen. This makes it great for setting tableware and other surfaces, particularly when serving guests.

* Pink salt can even be used to decorate your bathtub. It is an excellent product for a splash pad for those hot tubs, as it will help absorb any moisture and keep it from evaporating while providing a soothing effect during a soak.

* Pink Himalayan salt can also be used to add a beautiful shimmer to your bathtub and shower head. It will also keep the water soft for a long time, making your bath much easier to enjoy.

* Pink salt is an excellent cleaning product. It is very gentle on hard to reach areas, and it will remove any stubborn buildup that your regular white salt cannot.

* Pink salt is also a very good natural deodorizer. It kills odor-causing bacteria, which keeps you from inhaling any unpleasant smells from your bath or shower.

* Pink salt can also be used as a decorative item in your bathroom. It can be incorporated into soap dishes, shower curtains, towel bars, and a variety of other decorative items.

* Pink Himalayan salt can even be used as a substitute for soap in making soap dispensers. Since it is a very soft, fine-grained material, it has a wonderful lathering ability and is safe for soap scum to cling to.

There are many uses for pink Himalayan salt that many people do not know about. Once you learn how to use the product, you will find that it can help you in many ways around the home.

* The beautiful color of pink salt can even be used as a decorative accent. Because the stone is so light, it is a popular choice for small glass and crystal vases, especially for weddings and birthdays.

* You can even use pink salt for decorative salt and candle holders. These can be placed all over the house, but make sure that they are placed on counters and tables to give you a beautiful, warm glow when you put them out.

* As you see, pink Himalayan salt is not only for cooking purposes. It can also be used to decorate your home. With these amazing uses, you will wonder how you lived without one.