Introducing Antibody Immunotherapy As A Form Of Prenatal Therapy For Pregnant Mothers

Antibody immunotherapy lately has become one of the most widely used forms of immunotherapy so far, and thus it's important that we understand what it's about because we might get exposed to it in one way or another, in this particular article we're going to tackle the subject of prenatal therapy using antibodies.

When it comes to this form of treatment, there is some background information we must understand first. To know about the best anti cd34 antibody visit

Mainly there's an antigen that is found on red blood cells that is called Rhesus D (RhD) antigen also Rhesus factor, and the people that have Rhesus-positive have this antigen within their bloodstream, while those who are Rhesus-negative, don't have it.

During childbirth that's considered normal, if there's any form of delivery traumas or complications, the blood from the fetus can enter into the mother's system, and if their blood Rhesus factor isn't compatible and blood mixing occurs this can lead to the sensitization of a mother's negative rhesus factor to the Rh antigen on the plasma cells of a child, putting this pregnancy and any coming pregnancies at risk for hemolytic disease of the baby that can be mild to very fatal even leading to fetal heart failure.

Mainly Rho (D) antibodies are specific for human Rhesus D antigen and thus Anti-RhD antibodies are introduced within the mothers as a form of immunotherapeutic prenatal treatment to lead to the prevention of sensitization that may happen when an Rh- mother has an Rh+ baby.

Now that we understand the basis for it, the time for the treatment is very important.

Mainly the treatment is before the trauma and after at the moment it happens, which destroys the Rh antigen in the mother's system from the baby.