Information regarding College Program for Military Veterans

In the past, military veterans often felt the difficulty of transferring military training and courses into traditional college programs. Service members will leave the military with their DD214 (summary of the class, training, and work of the MOS occupation), but DD214 is difficult to translate into credit. Many colleges do not have an evaluator military transcript on campus, so universities will only allow credit to boot camp and only transfer in 3-6 units for PE and/or health.

In the past, only a few schools, such as Excelsior College and Thomas Edison State College would make special efforts to help veterans get more credit for their military courses. Some of these schools offer a special title for the military, plus they have added new programs recently to facilitate veterans to transfer credit. You can consider the best veteran education at

Today's veterans out of the military with training, class, MOS have been evaluated by their branches and the American Council on Education (ACE). The Army VETS will have an Army / Ace Registry (known as the Aarts report); The Navy and Marines will have the Sailors / Marine ACE Registry (known as intelligent reports); The Air Force will have the US Air Force Institute and Coast Guard will have a coast guard agency (known as the CGI report). In addition, the Air Force Veterinarian may have a course or colleague from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

Members of the service with military credit listed in their report, but without an associate degree can transfer credit to class or core choice. Schools with certain programs that are directed to the military will transfer in more units. For example, naval service members with Navy Nuclear Power School in their intelligent reports will get credit for mathematics, science, and electronics in most universities.