How to Help a Friend to Conquer the Fear of Flying

Apart from the dependence on air travel, many people still have fear of flying. If you have friends who have AviOphobia (technical terms for phobia) you can help your friends overcome that fear. How can I do that? You might ask. You can consider the best fear of flying courses to overcome the fear of flying inside you.

  • Become Confidante.

At present, there are many airlines that offer classes that can help people to defeat fear. If you can bring your friends to one of these classes before the flight, it will be great because of the facts classes about air travel such as flight physics, flight security, and statistics and many relaxation methods taught to help people understand their phobia.

Another thing you can do is also ensure that you are cutting-edited your flight. This is a little extra work for you to do but it's a good thing to do because your friends will rely on you for all things and most information about flights. You can confirm all your flight details so if your friend needs to know something during the flight, you will know what to tell your trip pair that will make a much more convenient flight for you and your friends.

Another great thing to do is keep your traveling partner disturbed during the flight, think about it see that your friend has aviophobia, it's just normal for your travel friends to feel anxiety, nausea, giddiness, muscle tension, and breathing in. If you see one or two of these symptoms, you must start distracting your friends by talking about light and funny things, like telling some jokes or maybe a funny story. 

Also, make sure you both arrive at the airport before the scheduled. One of the best ways to help a friend of conquering fear will fly is to the airport at least two to three hours before the flight so you can have plenty of time to relax before the flight.