How to Find a Job: The Secrets of Success Job Seekers

There are many resources available for job seekers looking for career advice. Although career counselors are still a great resource, you don't need to travel far to get your questions answered. There are likely to be a few helpful tips on how to start your job search or prepare for an interview.

1. You need a plan. It is not possible to search through classified ads and browse the job boards every day without a plan. You should treat your job search like a job when you're looking for employment. 

It is important to dedicate a certain amount of time every day to job-related activities. You should not only be looking for job opportunities, but also spend time revising your CV and improving your skills to determine the type of work you are seeking. 

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2.) Engage with your social networking sites: Let everyone know you're looking for work and what type of job you want.

3.) Learn new skills: Your chances of getting a job in the same industry as you are being downsized are likely to be declining. Consider all options and decide if it is time to improve your skills or change industries.

4.) Expand your Job Hunt: Do not limit yourself to one method of finding a job. Diversify your search instead of focusing on the internet or classified ads. 

There are many jobs that aren't listed in classified ads. However, the internet can be a dumping ground for outdated and stale listings. Even if the company isn't hiring, you can still send letters to them.

5.) Keep your positive attitude: You will face rejection before you land the perfect job. The most important quality of successful job seekers is their persistence. They believe their next job is just around the corner, no matter how many times they apply.