How Dirt Particles Affect Life Expectancy of Commercial Carpets

The life expectancy of a standard carpet depends on cleaning and maintenance. It goes without saying that minimum maintenance can ensure a short life cycle for carpets. However, regular cleaning and professional maintenance by trusted carpet steam cleaners in Melbourne result in a much longer service life.

Now let's look at how dirt particles affect the life of a commercial carpet. There are basically three different types of flooring – and all of them will affect your carpet in one way or another.

Dry –

First and foremost is dry soil. Dry soil is composed of mostly dirt particles visible to the naked eye. This creates a gritty effect like sandpaper on the floor if left unattended for long periods of time.

More than eighty percent of the flooring on commercial carpeting is a kind of sandy, dry soil. This type of floor can be very small, less than the period at the end of this sentence.

Oily –

The next item on our list of various commercial carpet floors to come in contact with is greasy flooring. They are also known as atmospheric air or ground. Contaminants such as exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke can contribute to soot buildup on the surface of your carpet.

Wet –

Finally, we have moist soil. This form contains objects such as spilled material or mud worn with shoes. You need to take immediate action to clean it up. 

If you ignore the floors and grime that invade commercial grade carpets, your entire investment will break and crumble over time. Regardless of whether the floor you are working with is damp, oily, or dry, you need to keep an eye on carpet care and maintenance with a regular cleaning schedule and regular professional appointments.