Hire Your First Employee

Hiring your first employee is a big step. While there are online recruiting software packages out there that can help you find the perfect person for the job, it is still between you and that employee to make the relationship work.

Unless you have had business experience before, it can be difficult to know what to do. The relationship can be somewhat intimidating.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your first hire and get things going on the right foot. However, to choose best candidate, you can also set Online Programming Assessment Test and use Online Recruiting Tools of Wild Noodle.

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Detail Your Expectations Clearly

The first step is to ensure that both you and the employee know what you expect from him. Don't assume that everything is clear because he got through the application process and you hired him.

Many times applicants apply for a variety of jobs, and they may not recall all of the nuances of this particular job. It is also a good idea to provide a manual with procedures and important information so that the employee has it on hand as needed.

Establish a Communication Line

From the start of the relationship, make sure that you know how you and the employee are to communicate. Do you want to have daily reports submitted to you, or would you rather have one on one meetings?

Make sure that the employee has your contact information and instructions for how and when you can be contacted.

If you are going to be nearby at all times, let him know if there are any times he should not call you over. If you have an open door policy, make sure that you detail precisely what that means.