Guide for Treating Bunion Pain in Dubai

Bunions usually develop in women who are more likely to wear tight, narrow shoes regularly. Tight-fitting shoes put pressure on the outside of your toe, gradually pushing it inward. High heels can increase pressure in the front of the foot and lead to various foot problems in some cases. Over time, you may develop a painful bump at the outer edge of your foot that signals a bunion. 

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Following are the ways to treating your bunion pain:

1. Wear wide shoes

Most symptoms of bunions involve pressure from the shoe against the bunion region. This often leads to direct pain over the bunion, swelling, redness and/or blistering. Because narrow shoes push your big toe in, wearing wide shoes can relieve the pressure on your foot.

2. Get better arch support in your shoes

Supporting your arch will transfer force away from the bunion area. While a high quality pre-made orthotic can help, it will not be as effective as a custom orthotic. If you want to save a few dollars and go the store-bought route, look for Powerstep or Superfeet brands. These two companies are the industry standard for quality over-the-counter orthotics.

3. Wear a protective pad to reduce pressure on the bunion

Bunion pads can help by redistributing pressure away from the affected joint. Make sure to test the pads for a short time period first to ensure they’re reducing pressure, rather than constricting toes even more and making the bunion bump even worse.

These are some of the ways to treat your bunions.