Exterminator – Various Pest Control Methods

The exterminators are professionals who can find and eradicate any annoying or dangerous pests. Methods which professionals use for the elimination of pest in Lake Orion:

Trap and Release

Because it doesn't use dangerous poisons, this method is becoming more popular among exterminators and people. The majority of traps today are human-made. This means that the animal enters the trap, and the exterminator returns within a few days to retrieve the animal and release it in a designated area by the local government.

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Poison Baits and Traps

These traps can be used to capture small animals such as rats and mice, as well as insects. There are many types of bait and traps, but the most popular are mousetraps. This is a small wooden block that has a metal snapping device attached to it. The metal bar activates when a mouse or rat steps on it. It snaps down and breaks the animal's neck.

Poison Spray or Fumigation

These are the most popular and effective methods for exterminating insect problems. Different poison sprays can be used to treat different insect problems. This method can be used to target small mammals.

Fumigation involves sealing the house with a tent for a few days, then spraying extensively. Fumigation is both the most expensive and effective because it can kill adult pests and larvae as well as eggs. 

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