Explore Different Types of Metal Wall Panels in Ontario

Metal, known for its longevity, strength, and weather resistance, is widely selected as a predominant material in the construction industry to serve a wide range of functions.

The development of construction processes using metal is one of the most important innovations in architecture. This allows corrugated metal roofing to be built taller and stronger with less material for unsupported openings on interior and exterior walls.

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Types of Metal Wall Panels

Immensely popular for their design capabilities and finishes, metal panels are also versatile in nature with off-the-shelf products or custom avant-garde designs.

1.Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels contain a foam core with exceptional insulation properties that can be installed quickly. The insulation properties of IMPs meet most energy codes and contribute toward credits for a LEED Green Rating System.

Because the interior and exterior metal faces act as a finished surface, these systems take the place of using separate products allowing the installation process to be mainstreamed saving time and money. Units are finished, and ready to install and seal when delivered.

2.Plate Panels

Metal plate systems offer design freedom, functionality, and performance. Designers can incorporate different substrates, depths, curves, perforations and tapers to elicit strong reactions and create unique experiences. The plate can be the difference between creating a memorable building and one that fades into the background.

3.Metal Faced Composites

Metal-faced composite panels are made from a thermoplastic core and two thin metal sheets. But what sets them apart from IMPs is the fact that metal-faced composite cores have no thermal value, and the panels themselves are very difficult to recycle. These panels are used in architectural structures, especially when looking for cost-effective creative solutions.

4.Perforated Metal

Designers are using perforated facades as decorative metal screens to add personality, privacy, and light filtration to building structures across Canada. They are the perfect blend of design and technology that allows architects, artists, and designers the ability to bring strength and style through endless design patterns, perforation style/sizes, panel colors, and materials to create truly mesmerizing effects.