Different Types of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most popular forms of photography today. It is described as the process of taking individual shots or group shots with an emphasis on faces and expressions.

The main purpose of this type of photography is to show the personality, resemblance, and mood of the person. The focus here is on a person's face. Not only faces, bodies and backgrounds can be included.

Portrait photography is diverse. Some of the main types are listed below. They include: 


This is one of the biggest challenges photographers face incorrectly interpreting the relationship between two people. This can be an attraction between a partner, a love between a mother and a child, or a friendship between two people. Couple portrait photographer are experts in capturing the essence of every couple.

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A small group

A small group of about three to seven people. With this type of photographer, the photographer needs to represent the general relationship among all members of this group. A common example is relationships between family members, teams, etc.

Big group

A large group includes about ten to hundreds of individuals. Common examples are wedding groups, school groups, sports teams, etc.

These are some of the main types of portraits that are in high demand these days. Many professional companies offer portrait services to their clients according to their needs and requirements. It is very important to choose a company with sufficient experience and knowledge in this field.