Creative Alternatives to Boring Patios in North Vancouver

Most homes have a gruesome feature, boring and difficult to use, no matter how big or small the house is, who built it or what style it is: a covered porch. You have probably seen hundreds of them in your life. The courtyard is a rectangle of gray concrete that may have several brick pillars or a simple wooden fence under an ugly ceiling.

They are dark, small, and dirty, especially if the ceiling has a simple light bulb. This page is so inspiring that it's mostly unused. There's no excuse for staying with a dull terrace. Here are ways Alpharetta paving stones and other unique features can turn an ordinarily covered patio into something remotely attractive.

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Shady garden

To start with, you can try tearing apart the dull concrete and replacing it with paving stones, natural stone, or other molded material. Arrange your chosen material on a winding path that starts just outside your door. Surround the path with bromeliads, ferns, Asian lettuce, and other plants that grow in the shade.

Hobby deck

Get ready tables, chairs, comfortable outdoor tables, hooks, neat shelves, books, and all your hobby accessories. Fill the patio with potted plants, hardware, or items. Install patio paving for a stable, attractive surface that shows you how serious you are.

Outdoor media room

Weather permitting, you can enjoy TV shows or outdoor games. Cover your covered porch with colored materials, throw in a rug suitable for outdoor work, and install a large, attractive sofa for the outside. Prepare an external refrigerator, hang the TV on the wall, and pull it out.