Choosing Your Maternity Hospital In Kenya

Soon after your pregnancy is confirmed, you will need to start planning where to go for your delivery. After all, the hospital you choose will also probably point you to your doctor. Many mums choose the hospital first and then find an obstetrician or gynecologist that practices at their chosen hospital. 

The best maternity hospital in Kenya includes private rooms where women can labor, deliver, and recover in one place without having to be moved.


A healthy mom helps to ensure a healthy baby. It’s essential that the hospital you choose provides:

  • Pregnancy health & wellness classes to help you optimize your health and well-being before and during your pregnancy, including vaccines, smoking cessation, nutrition, weight management, mindful movement, and chronic disease management
  • Prenatal classes to make sure you and your family are prepared for your pregnancy and delivery, and to care for your baby—from childbirth preparation to breastfeeding, from infant care to CPR
  • A Fetal Medicine Program to help you prepare for a healthy delivery if you anticipate or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy
  • A pelvic floor therapy program to help with urinary incontinence that can occur after pregnant

Remember, where you deliver your baby is as important as who delivers your baby. Do your research and make sure the maternity hospital you choose is the right fit for you.