Best Wireless Phone Chargers: Get Rid Of Those Cable Tangles

It's not fun to be caught up in the present, particularly when it involves cables and wires. The top wireless phone chargers are coming onto the market as a practical — and, yes cord-free way to charge your gadgets. You can buy various wireless chargers as per your requirement via

Wireless chargers utilize electromagnetism to transmit energy from the charger to your smartphone using coils inside both devices. The induction coil in the charger produces energy which the phone's receiver coil transforms into electricity and then sends back to your battery.

Wireless charging lets you charge your device without the need for the use of cord charging, for example, your smartphone. Inductive charging is a method that allows the transfer of energy via air by utilizing the magnetic field.

A transmitter produces an electromagnetic field which oscillates that and is detected by the receiving device (a telephone). The receiver gathers the current via an antenna and is later stored in the battery of the device. While the technology behind it has been in place for more than 100 years, the advent of mobile devices has provided it with a brand new perspective.

Qi is a wireless charging technology that was developed through the Wireless Power Consortium. It's pronounced "chee" to mean "life force" in Chinese and is a reference to "life energy." Qi, first released in 2009, was built on "closely connected" electromagnetic induction. 

The Qi wireless charger is a groundbreaking technology that makes use of an inductive connection to power devices wirelessly. Instead of using a cable or connection for connecting to an outlet on the wall or another electrical power source, users just put the device on a wireless charging pad.