Best Goats For Meat – Three Common Types You Should Know

If one wants to raise goats for meat, it is really important to know what the best goats for meat are for meat marketers and meat producers. Goat meat or chevon, while not as popular as other types of meat such as beef, pork, or chicken, is actually a great tasting alternative meat if one is tired of the usual choices of meat available in the market.

Goat meat can be cooked in various ways ranging from barbecued, fried, roasted, boiled, cooked, curry, minced, and even canned or sausage as well as jerky. You can buy fresh goat meat in the UK at Kiri Foods online.

Goats For Meat

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The following are some of the best goats for meat:

  • Kiko goat: Kiko goats have many traits, making them quite amenable to farmers as low maintenance, quite resistant against fungi or at least high tolerance against them, high growth rates, and for crossbreeding with other types of goats are particularly favorable. It can adapt easily and survive almost any type of climate, even for the cold.
  • Boer goat: Boer goats are actually one of the best goats for meat as they are a breed raised not exclusively for their milk but for their meat. Their favorable symptoms for farmers include diseases, high fertility rates, and they also increase rapidly. Boer goats can adapt well to hot, dry environments such as semi-deserts.
  • Verata goat: They are known to be easy to handle, extremely rigid, adaptive, and they are capable of surviving various temperatures. They are capable of breeding all year round and are a great source of milk apart from goat meat.