Bedroom Accessories For Girls

In addition to the usual girls room furniture, you can also add accessories to your daughter's room. Whether you'd like to add a dress-up closet or a chest of drawers, there are plenty of ways to add a little girl-centric flair to your daughter’s room. From paint test pots to wallpaper, you can add a little girly flair to any room by combining block colours with geometric designs and pretty patterns.

Pattern mixing

You can start by adding patterned pillows. Pillows are an easy way to mix patterns and are often inexpensive. Then add some accessories to interact with them. Throw pillows are the perfect place to experiment with pattern mixing. Use pillows to test the waters and create a mini-series. You can even mix patterns with other items in the room, such as a patterned rug. The key is to mix scales to create a cohesive look.

While mixing patterns is a fun way to spice up a girl's bedroom, you need to tread carefully. While it may look good, too much pattern can cause eye fatigue. To avoid this, pair complementary colors with white. If you're unsure, use one color that has similar shades. Then, use the other color to tone down the more vibrant color. Then, use a neutral background to create a calming effect.

Modular designs

With the recent trends in bedroom design, girls can have the same options for storage as boys. A modular wall unit with open shelves can be installed on the wall, maximizing the space. Easily expand the space when storage needs increase. Pair the unit with a dashing desk and colorful chair. The room will look stylish and functional! Incorporate storage units and display areas with fun labels. A simple bed frame can double as storage space, too!

If you're looking for a modern design with modern accents, a girl's room could be the perfect place for her. A modern girl's room could have cream walls with pale blue furniture, a bold pink wall-covering and a glass top trestle table. The room could also have a red low upholstered daybed or a fun modular cabinet for her toys. Whatever your child's personal taste, you'll find a bedroom accessory to match her tastes and her personality.

Wall stickers

Nowadays, wall stickers for girls' bedrooms are becoming more popular than ever. From 3D butterflies to giraffes, alphabet jungles to motivational quotes, these vibrant wall decors are available in all shapes and sizes. Because of their wide range, you can be sure that you will find one that perfectly matches your little girl's tastes and style. And because they are removable, you can easily change the location of your stickers whenever you want!

Another great option for decorating a girl's bedroom is geometric wall art. This art is easy to do and adds an eye-catching effect to any room. A tutorial from Eliza Rose will teach you the technique, including the application of painter's tape. Eliza Rose's tutorial is a great place to start. You can also find a tutorial from Vintage Revi for a 3D honeycomb accent wall.

Divans with storage drawers

Girls are particularly fond of divans with storage drawers. These beds are not only beautiful, but they can also serve as useful bedroom accessories. A single divan is a versatile piece of furniture, as it comes with two drawers on each side of the base. In addition, it has additional storage space below it. Divans with storage drawers are suitable for both small and large rooms.

Choosing a divan with storage drawers is an excellent idea for young girls who have limited space. The bed can have two or four drawers and you can either choose one on each side or a chest of drawers. These beds are popular in many European countries and come with a variety of features. The storage space they offer is sufficient for a child's wardrobe, and the drawers will keep their toys and clothing out of sight.

Dress up closet

A dress up closet for girls bedroom can serve as a great storage solution for your little girl. These closets are usually quite small, so you'll have to think outside the box when choosing a design. The Eleven Magnolia Lane version is painted a pretty pink and includes plastic picture frames on the interior drawer labels. The armoire is large enough for lots of storage, and is also closed to hide the clutter when not in use.

A child-size mirror will be an adorable addition to a girls dress up corner. A lighted mirror should be hung above the vanity for easy access. The closet should have a full-length mirror hanging on the opposite side. A small dress-up clothing rack should be placed next to the full-length mirror. You can also add fabric bins or narrow shelving to store more accessories. Then, you can hang these shelves throughout the girl's room.

Gallery wall

A gallery wall for a girl's room can be cute, feminine, or modern. If you'd like your girls' room to be more girly, consider using a polka-dot wallpaper or a pastel pink as the backdrop for the art. Changing the color of the frames to match the wallpaper will also make the entire room look cute and girly. Girls tend to like a neat, simple setting over busy decor.

Choose colorful frames for a youthful, cheery effect. A gallery wall can be hung at the foot of a bed, in front of a lounging area, or near a bed. Girls can decorate this room with artwork, photographs, and other accessories. There are countless ways to incorporate a gallery wall into a girl's room. Here are some tips to create a colorful and girly bedroom gallery.