Avocado Are More Than A Super Bowl Dish

Did you know that Americans consume approximately fifty million pounds of avocados each day in guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday? There are many avocado benefits that you can enjoy, but we won't be able to list them all here. 

Just accept that they are good for you. The attractive, pear-shaped avocado is rich in nutrients, essential fatty acids, and proteins. It can be easily digested, without increasing cholesterol. To get a healthy diet, you can also purchase fresh avocados at https://www.avoorchard.co.nz/.

The vitamins A, B1, D3, B4, and E are just a few of the many benefits that avocados offer. They are delicious when sliced and arranged around a salad.

Avocados can only be grown in tropical or subtropical climates. Let's look closer at the properties of avocados and get rid of all the calories. A medium avocado contains about 300 calories. 

This is a higher amount than many fruits but look at these avocado benefits. Each avocado has around 30 grams of fat. Most of it is healthy mono-unsaturated. Bananas contain more potassium than other fruits, have higher fiber content, and are rich in protein. Avocados also help lower cholesterol.

A study that looked at high cholesterol levels found that subjects who ate one whole avocado per day were able 22% lower their cholesterol over seven days. In addition, the study showed an 11% rise in "good" cholesterol during that same period.