Another Great Way to Be Eco-friendly: Use Reusable Shopping Bags

What is the best choice for your groceries, paper, or plastic bags? It isn't either. For years people used to shop with baskets or their reusable bags, then came the 'throwaway society' where convenience took precedence over everything we used, threw away, and then used new again and again. 

Today, thankfully, we are starting to see the problems associated with constantly throwing things away and we are going back to the 'good old days where we are in the habit of taking our baskets, boxes, or reusable shopping bags. Coming back. Grocery shop with us.

Biodegradable plastic bags may be convenient, but they were costing retailers about $4 billion a year, not to mention that plastic bags are an environmental hazard, killing thousands of marine mammals a year that feed them. mistake for. 

They take over 1000 years to decompose in landfills, and before they are completely gone they break down into hundreds of tiny toxic particles that leach into the soil. They also took a lot of oil in their manufacture, oil that could be used for fuel.

Paper bags may be a better option, but what about the trees from which they are made? Killing thousands of trees each year to make shopping bags means trees producing less oxygen while upsetting the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

We have a choice, and that option can be stylish and fun as well as eco-friendly. Reusable shopping bag that is made from a recycled rice sack is cute, durable and durable. In his past life, the rice sack was used to transport 50 lbs. of rice from where it was transported to its final destination. Using these sacks means they are not tossed out with the garbage while giving people a chance to sew something new to them gives them a job, self-esteem, and life opportunity.