All You Need To Know About The Delivery Process

Baby birth is the final stage of a woman's pregnancy. After nine months of carrying the fetus in the womb, this is the time when the expulsion of the infant from the uterus happens. This is categorized into three stages. First, the dilation of the cervix. Next would be the descent and birth of the infant and the third is the expulsion of the placenta.

There are two common methods of delivery nowadays. For one, there is the natural method which is known as normal delivery. This is the traditional way of giving birth. You can learn more about normal delivery via Another is through the caesarian operation in which the infant is removed from the uterus through a surgical incision. 

The normal delivery process can be simple when all circumstances are normal such as when both mother and fetus are in good condition. Things can be complicated if the mother has certain issues that might compromise her health or when it is determined that the baby's condition is compromised as well.

At this phase of pregnancy, the woman would experience labor pains. This kind of pain can be intense and prolonged which can cause so much discomfort. The pain level felt by women in labor may vary as this can be influenced by certain factors such as fear and anxiety. Some women also have a high tolerance for pain. Other factors may include experience, age, preparation, and the environment.

During the entire process, there must be close monitoring of both the mother and the fetus. It is very important to continuously check the mother's vital signs throughout the pregnancy.