All About Hawaii Wedding Packages

This article will explain what a basic Hawaii package looks like, how it works, and why you need a wedding planner. Hawaii can be expensive, but there are packages available for all price points. Your basic beach wedding is the most affordable, starting at $395. This includes the services of a priest and the processing of your marriage license. 

You also get two fresh orchid leis, a wedding coordinator to help you plan your wedding, and the option to choose from any park or beach where your traditional Hawaiian wedding can be held. You can look for the best Hawaii wedding packages via Hawaii Wedding Minister.

Hilton Wedding Destinations

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You can add many accessories to your wedding. A bouquet for the bride, a cake for the wedding, a limousine and chairs for your guests are all things you will want. You can get all these amenities for much less than you might think.

Your Hawaii wedding ceremony will be more memorable if you include more amenities. Your overall cost to get married in Hawaii will increase even if you include the items that lead up to it.

You can also avail of wedding packages at many hotels for couples who are getting married. You can also get packages that include champagne, a car, and a buffet breakfast as part of your hotel package.

There are many wedding packages available in Hawaii. You can choose from a simple beach wedding or a more elaborate garden wedding. Some five-star hotels offer a complete package that includes no extra cost.

Remember that there are Hawaii wedding packages available for all budgets.