All About Choosing Boxing Gloves

Why do we need boxing gloves? Boxing gloves are required for 33% of all boxing injuries. Boxing gloves can be used in conjunction with hand wraps to prevent wrist, thumb, and hand injuries. Boxing gloves can help stabilize your wrist and hand, reducing the chance of injury in impact training like bag work, pad work, and sparring.

There are two basic types of boxing gloves. They are sparring gloves or fight gloves which can be used for sparring or competition in professional and amateur bouts. These gloves are typically lace-up, rather than velcro-secure. You can buy sparring gloves from

Sparring Gloves

The competition gloves will generally be 10 ounces in weight. They will be either blue or red with a white target area for the judge to assist him. Pro fighters usually use 8-ounce gloves. The brand and color of the gloves are decided by the promoters or the organization hosting the event. The right glove will make you more comfortable in the ring and protect your hands.

Bag Gloves, also known as training gloves are the second type of gloves. These gloves are used to punch the heavy bag or do other impact training like hitting the pads with a trainer. These gloves weigh between 12 ounces to 16 oz boxing gloves.

However, some bag gloves can be as heavy as 22 ounces. The most popular weight for training gloves is 16 ounces. They are particularly useful for sparring. A lighter-weighted glove, such as a 10, 12, or 14-ounce glove, may be preferred by women and those with smaller hands.