Advantages Of Leasing IT Services

Asset management in companies is often problematic. Hardware and software are evolving at an incredible pace and machines are swiftly becoming antiquated. Computer maintenance is very resource-intensive (human). Changes quickly become equipment a headache and a financial burden for most organizations. 

It makes sense that IT leasing should come off as attractive and increasingly popular. To know more about leasing computers visit

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Benefits Of IT Leasing

First advantage: The price

This is the first question that first comes to mind for IT managers and financiers. In the short term rental of IT equipment is cheaper, but it is mostly an accounting perspective it becomes advantageous.

Indeed, there is no damping, allowing us to generate cash for other investments.

In addition, the rental may be tax-deductible, and maintenance costs of the IT infrastructure can also be deducted, such as computer equipment is often subject to failure problems or malfunctions.

Second advantage: the latest generation of equipment

According to a study by Strategy Wipro products and services, the life of a PC is 3 years. This leaves two choices now:

Either the company changes its hardware every three years and it quickly becomes expensive or even impossible to manage from a logistics point of view.

Either the company maintains its equipment, but maybe faced with computers that are too outdated and ineffective. 

The risk: The latest software versions may not run correctly on the machines. It is difficult to keep track of software that consumes more hardware resources.

This is why rental brands because it allows you to benefit from the latest generation of equipment without requiring major investments in fixed periods.