A Professional Race Car Driving Simulator For BMW In Australia

Test your skill, push the limits or simply feel the thrill of driving a real race car through a professional race car driving simulator. You should test your BMW driving skills on a professional race car driving simulator.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned speed demon, laying it down on a virtual track will tell all. A professional race car driving simulator will react to every nuance and impulse on the track as you find out what you're really made of.

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Are you afraid to push your BMW to the limit and risk potentially heavy damage and expensive downtime? Are you afraid of replacing tires or your drive train but can't seem to stop punching it when another sports car shows up?

Are you scared to slide into another car or a pole, costing you thousands in BMW body repair? Fear no more! A professional driving simulator is an answer to your prayers. Push the limits you've always wanted to without pushing your BMWs limits.

Experience the thrill of professional race car driving and not just another pc game. You will feel every bump and accelerated move as you maneuver through a track designed for the best race car drivers in the world.